Casella in Maine


  • Casella in Maine

Casella Resource Solutions

Casella, founded in 1975 is one of the largest recycling, trash, organics and energy companies in the Northeast. In 2015, Casella recovered over 1 million tons of materials for beneficial use.

Our Presence

Casella employs over 500 people in Maine who provide services to over 16,000 businesses and nearly 150,000 households.

Recycling Results

In 2015, Casella handled over 120,000 tons of recyclable materials which is the equivalent of filling up 3.7 million curbside carts and lining them up six times from Kittery to Fort Kent!

Organics Processing

Casella also manages organic materials in Maine, converting them into useful products like nutrient-rich fertilizer, animal bedding and topsoil. Last year Casella put 122,000 tons of re-usable materials back into use in Maine.

Landfill Gas-to-Energy

At its closed landfill in Hampden, Maine, Casella captures landfill gas, and using 3 high powered engines, produces enough electricity to power 3,500 Maine homes each year.