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Garden Centers

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Garden Center
Working together with Garden Centers to provide better solutions

We provide a variety of our products in bulk and bagged form to garden centers throughout the Northeast. We understand the importance of inventory management and timely and efficient product delivery, as well as the value of high-quality products that keep customers coming back for more.  In addition, we provide point of purchase information including product literature, full-color banners, and product signage. Our product line has been expanded to offer a range of agronomically complete products that are truly unique in the gardening, landscape and horticulture industry.  For example, our Super-Mulch, Gro-Max, Super-Peat, Premium Compost, and Fertilizer have been developed specifically to optimize soil and plant health through the addition of balanced nutrients and organic matter. If earthlife® Products are not available at your favorite garden center, give us a call and we'll show them why earthlife® Products are the professionals choice.