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Working together with Farmers to provide better solutions

We are proud to serve the farming community from which many of us came. Our staff have roots in farms throughout New England and we are committed to providing economical and beneficial fertilizers and soil amendments to the industry. Since 1983, we’ve offered liming agents, compost, biosolids, wood ash, and other agricultural products to farmers to nourish the soil and crops their livelihood is grown in.

The same stands today. Our staff nutrient management planners, certified crop advisers, and product specialists are ready to help you choose which of our many products are best suited for your fields, and your budget. Click here for more information on liming agents, micro-nutrient sources, fertilizer alternatives, odor control agents, and on-farm compost bulking agents.

Call 800-933-6474 to contact your local Earthlife representative.

We have been using wood ash for almost 10 years. We have seen good results especially on new land that has been foul for many years. The wood ash raises the pH very quickly along with the nutrient values. Since 2007 the dairy industry has had tough economic times. The use of wood ash into my nutrient management plan has dramatically reduced my commercial fertilizer cost. Casella Organics has been very reliable and easy to work with.
Conan Eaton