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  • Fertilizer Bags

Fertilizer Bags

Our New England produced, slow release 4-2-0+Iron fertilizer is a favorite for gardens, lawns, shrubs, and planters. The organic matter and nutrients in these easy-to-handle granules break down slowly, nurturing your lawn and garden from one year to the next.


  • Sustainable - made from natural organic materials rather than synthetically produced from fossil fuels
  • Locally produced in New England
  • The slow-release formula provides nutrients as your plants need them


  • Annuals/Perennials

    For annuals and perennials, apply 5 lbs. (just under 4 quarts) per 100 square feet when planting.  Apply 3 lbs. (a little more than 2 quarts) per 100 square feet after 12 weeks.

  • Lawns

    For lawns, apply 40 lbs. per 2,000 square feet. For established lawns, apply evenly three times during the growing season: Spring, Summer, and late Fall.

  • Transplanting Shrubs

    Apply 1 pint for transplanting, 1.5 pints for spring fertilization. At transplanting, mix with soil used to fill the space between the root ball and the planting hole.

Best Practices:

The secret to the benefits of any high organic matter products are maintaining a healthy soil environment conducive to biological life. For best results have your soil and soil/pellet blend tested by a reputable laboratory and review your test results with a trained agricultural/soil professional.

Fertilizer Bag